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 Feel-Good Jazz Music!
This is a lush, culturally rich, “feel-good jazz” experience.

This music is bursting-at-the-seams with inspiration, joy and positivity.  Like You!

 Celebratory, Feel-Good Jazz blends influences of soul, r&b, and world rhythms, with socially-conscious poeticism.

Band leader Chip Shelton is a multi-instrumentalist (6 saxophone configurations and 8 ranges of flutes), composer, arranger, and singer.

Not for the faint of heart, but always uplifting! 

The infectious nature of Celebratory Feel-Good Jazz has brought world famous artists into the studio next to Chip...

Ron Carter, Doug Carn, Onaje Allan Gumbs, Roy Meriwether, Lewis Nash, Ryo Kawasaki, Guilerme Franco, Tom Charlap, and Steve Kroon have all contributed to what you will hear as Celebratory, Feel-Good Jazz!

Sometimes you just listen. Other times you just dance!
Escape to Inspiration & Positivity with this Special Welcome Offer
  • Full length CD - FLUTE BASS--ICS, an acclaimed Celebratory Feel-Good Jazz recording, containing 8 feel-good songs including the jazz classic "I'll Remember April"!     
  • Full length CD - A LABOR OF LOVE.   The very first and original Celebratory-Feel Good jazz music album. This classic recording from 1995 will take you inside of history so that you can hear jazz classics such as "Body and Soul" and "On Green Dolphin Street"
  • ​The complete Hi-Def WAV files of both recordings, so that you can upgrade from streaming ...to a much higher level of listening experience. (Imagine 4k television for your ears)                 
  •  An additional set of Hi-Def  WAV files of 3 different versions of  3 songs called “Inspiration”, “Dedication" and  “Surrender”, so that you can see and experience the evolution of this music. A very rare experience, especially for the non-musician.
  • The complete original hand-written Music, with Lyrics,                        for “Inspiration”, “Dedication”, and “Surrender”.   

“Chip Shelton has earned a reputation as one of the renowned flutists in the world of jazz... a formidable saxophonist as well” 
                    Ron Scott- The Amsterdam News

See What Other People Are Saying 
About Chip & This Music...
“One of the most interesting of the people I’ve had the opportunity to interview” Keanna Faircloth- On Air Host, WBGO FM
“One of the most interesting of the people 
I’ve had the opportunity to interview”
Keanna Faircloth- On Air Host, WBGO FM

“This was no token tribute to flutist Herbie Mann. 
Headliners included 
Dave Valentin, Hubert Laws, David ‘Fathead’ Newman,
 and Chip Shelton.”
Sandy Ingham- Cape May NJ Jazz Festival
“WOW!! What a beautiful piece of music”
(regarding the Shelton composition “Juneteenth”)
Dr. Nick, SiriusXM and WPFW-FM

“It was jazz you could dance to. I saw people doing the bop, lindy, and cha cha cha to his music “
Bob Davis- SoulPatrol.com
“How many successfully pursue excellence in two careers simultaneously?
If Shelton and others are doing it…it’s probably possible!”
Jazz Pensacola, FL News
See What Reviewers Are Saying...
“More soulful than Herbie Mann…more legitimate than Roland Kirk”
Ken Gabbard- Jazztimes Magazine

“Chip’s 2020 ‘MENTORS’ & ‘PLAN BE DREAM MUSIC’ releases 
are both tight, swinging, and enjoyable”.
Scott Yanow- The NYC Jazz Record
Chip Shelton Has Long Been A Very Talented And Fluent Flutist/Saxist 
Whose Music Straddles The Boundary Lines Between 
Straight-Ahead Jazz, Soul-Jazz, And R&B.”
Scott Yanow- All Music Guide

“In the 90’s he conceived & led the first jazz flute big band
currently nascent as his FLUTE PARTY BAND”
George Kanzler- Hot House Magazine 
“Ripping riffs and warm melodic explorations capture  
the joyful improvisation of live play”
Hilarie S. Grey- Jazztimes Magazine

“100 Stars…’3 FLUTES UP’ is a Great CD”
Lee Prosser- Jazz Review.Com

View this 1min. segment of my Celebratory composition

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  •  THE "FLUTE BASS-ICS" CD ($15 VALUE)            
  • ​ THE "A LABOR OF LOVE" CD...while supplies last/ low stock ($25 VALUE)                                                                                                                                                                 If supplies dwindle, we'll send you the 2-CD recording "HAVE FLUTE WILL TRAVEL...CAPE MAY",  as an even higher-value replacement.
  • ​ HI-DEF WAV FILES OF BOTH CD'S                       ($34 VALUE)
  • GRAND TOTAL= $126 
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  •  Bonus #2 - 10% LIFETIME DISCOUNT ON THE STORE at chipshelton.com
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